Take Action With LaTonya

Active Community Involvement

  • I will commit to being engaged and an accessible advocate for all District 9 residents. 

  • I will work closely with other politicians who represent District 9 to ensure the best quality of life for all families, seniors, and youth in our district.

Community Revitalization 

  • I will advocate to decrease blight, overgrown lots, affordable housing options, and address food desserts.

  • I will partner with community leaders and stakeholders to bring diverse businesses and jobs to District 9.

  • Reinvesting in current black-owned businesses in District 9.

Safe & Sustainable Neighborhoods

  • Partner with the Birmingham Police Department and organizations to develop a plan to address the high crime in District 9.

  • Advocate to reimagine community safety between law enforcement and community members.

  • Work with law enforcement and its administration to implement training workshops focusing on mental health and disabilities.